A4 Primo Passenger Lift

Combining elegant Scandinavian design with the latest screw-driven technology

With an attractive price range and a wide choice of options the Kalea A4 Primo platform lift comprises the perfect accessibility solution indoors and outdoors.

A quick and easy installation

Kalea A4 Primo is a screw-driven platform lift with a prefabricated painted steel shaft enclosure that requires minimal installation time* and construction work. Lift shaft, floor recess and machine room are not required.

Designed to combine elegance, comfort and safety Kalea A4 Primo is available in seven sizes and is suitable for a wide variety of site environments. It can also be customised following specific customers and accessibility needs.

A quality and safety certified product to provide an increased sense of security

The Kalea A4 Primo is an EC type tested and certified platform lift by the notified body DNV, Det Norske Veritas, according to the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the European Standard EN 81-41 for vertical platforms lifts.

* Installation time varies depending on the unit and site characteristics.

Key features

  • Available in 7 different sizes to meet the space requirements of a variety of installation sites.
  • Short installation time thanks to pre-fabricated parts.
  • Customisable and adaptable for blending with the interior design.
  • Equipped with its own shaft in painted white steel.
  • Runs by means of its screw and nut-driving mechanism, eliminating oil spills.
  • Easy to maintain and service.
  • Indoor or outdoor placement.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Rated for loads of up to 400 kg as standard; 500 kg rated lifts also available.
  • Machine room not required.
  • Only 50 mm of floor recess area is required for installation.
  • Equipped with a panoramic white steel door (model A20) as standard.
  • Complies with European security and quality standards.

Available Sizes

Kalea A4 Primo features seven platform sizes to adapt to the reality of the space requirements of different building sites.

The unit steel, aluminium and fire-rated doors have been adapted to suit each of the platform sizes.

Indoor placement is available for all seven sizes; outdoor placement is available for Kalea A4 Primo standard sizes.

A4 Primo available platform sizes (width x depth):

  • 1000 x 1500 (mm)*
  • 1100 x 1500 (mm)*
  • 1100 x 1600 (mm)*
  • 1100 x 1400 (mm)
  • 1000 x 1300 (mm)
  • 900 x 1500 (mm)
  • 800 x 1250 (mm)

* Sizes available for outdoor placement.

Platform Sizes

*Installation time varies depending on the unit and site characteristics. The exact dimensions vary depending on the characteristics on the unit and the installation site.


Technical Overview

Lift location Indoors / Outdoors*
Rated load 400 or 500 kg
Rated Speed (m/sec) Max 0,15 (9 m/min)
Travel height Up to 13 m
Min.headroom at top landing 2250 mm
Pit depth without ramp 50 mm
Standard platform size (w x d) 1000×1500 mm/1100×1500/1100x 1600**
Standard car size (w x d) n/a
Standard shaft size (w x d) 1360×1520 mm 1460×1520 mm/1460 x1650 mm
Footprint size (w x d) 1400×1630 mm /1500×1630 mm/1500x 1760 mm
Maximum number of stops 6
Travel speed (m/sec) Max 0.15
Standard shaft finish Steel panels RAL 9016
Standard car finish n/a
Shaft door configuration Single-entry, open through, adjacent
Shaft doors Swing doors
Car doors n/a
Shaft door measurement 900 x 2000 mm
Car door measurement n/a
Gate measurement 900 x 1100 mm
Driving system Screw and nut, with safety nut
Control system Micro computer based system
Standard power supply 400 VAC 3-phase 50/60 Hz 16 A***
Emergency lowering device Optional
Motor power 2,2  KW
Calling buttons One touch buttons from landings, hold to run from platform
Control panel Hold-to run,easy-to-use tactile & braille buttons, alarm button, emergency stop button and  LED-light
Machine room Integrated / Separated
Certification SS- EN 81-41 / MD 2006 / 42 /EC
Manufactured in Sweden
* Outdoor installation only for the standard platform sizes
** Outdoor installation available
*** 1 x 230 VAC is also available for the 400 kg