The Silens-Pro Vanguard is a machine room less passenger lift that is specifically designed to provide a secure and reliable transport to solution to high volume areas such as hotels, office buildings, shopping centres and hospitals.

With the ability to transport passengers thousands of times each year the Silens-Pro Vanguard passenger lift is the choice for any demanding commercial environment.

For low to high-rise buildings

As a leading lift company, we’ve engineered our passenger lifts for various building applications, including residential, commercial and public transit.

We supply, install and commission passenger lifts, from the smallest to the largest on the market. with or without machine room including traction or hydraulic drives and multiple car groups, our highly skilled and experienced team of lift engineers have vast experience in passenger lift installations and have a real expertise in creating bespoke elevator systems.

Designed to transport passengers quickly and effectively from floor to floor, our passenger lifts can add an attractive quality to any building and can be customised to meet any requirement and complement your existing interior design.

our passenger lift installations include a wide range of benefits.

  •  Full survey and free quotation
  •  Design advice and consultation
  •  Individual lift car finishes
  •  Expert lift installation
  •  CE marking to meet the lift regulations
  •  High Quality Safety Compliance

Energy Efficient Silence

Equipped with a highly advanced gearless motor this passenger lift reduces the overall energy consumption associated with other types of lifts, with the added bonus of being very quiet during operation.

Heavy Goods Lifting

The Silens-Pro Vanguard heavy duty goods lift is a robust, sturdy solution for the commercial sector. Made from high strength steel components keep the design strong but light, extending the lifespan of the lift by lowering the static tensile loading and reducing the size of lift shaft required.


LOAD: 630 – 1.275Kg
SPEED: 1m/s or 1,6 m/s VVVF
MINIMUM PIT: 1050mm-1400mm
CAR SIZE: Download brochure for detailed information
HEADROOM: Standard min: 3.250-3.650mm
SHAFT SIZE: Download brochure for detailed information